About Us

Your local distillery founded in Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania. 2 JAS Distilling is the result of a passionate hobby that got out of hand, after several years of wine making with friends. Crafting spirits quickly turned into a great obsession. And after getting all the necessary permits, they started distilling rum according to an authentic Caribbean process that date back to the 1920’s.

Two Jackasses And A Still was born in 2019 by us, Pittsburgh locals, Bob Hunt & Rich Couchenour. Shortly after we decided to change the name to 2 JAS Distilling, still representing two jackasses and a still in our logo.


2 JAS Distilling focuses on crafting great spirits that can be enjoyed by all that have a fine taste for artisian spirits. We enjoy the process of creating a new spirit that is a little bit of both science and art.

Our mission is to create a spirit that is enjoyable without aging that can be sipped straight on the rocks or can be a main ingredient in a cocktail that is created to enhance the quality of the spirit.

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