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About us

Who are we?

2 JAS Distilling

Bob Hunt & Rich Couchenour

Your local distillery founded in Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania. 2 JAS Distilling is the result of a passionate hobby that got out of hand, after several years of wine making with friends. Crafting spirits quickly turned into a great obsession. And after getting all the necessary permits, they started distilling rum according to an authentic Caribbean process that date back to the 1920’s.

Two Jackasses And A Still was born in 2019 by us, Pittsburgh locals, Bob Hunt & Rich Couchenour. Shortly after we decided to change the name to 2 JAS Distilling, still representing two jackasses and a still in our logo.

Our Mission

2 JAS Distilling focuses on crafting great spirits that can be enjoyed by all that have a fine taste for artisian spirits. We enjoy the process of creating a new spirit that is a little bit of both science and art.

Our mission is to create a spirit that is enjoyable without aging that can be sipped straight on the rocks or can be a main ingredient in a cocktail that is created to enhance the quality of the spirit.

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Cane Sugar

We use the first crystallization of the sugar that comes from fresh cane juice.



We mix the water, sugar and yeast to create the wash to start the fermentation.

2 JAS Silver Unaged Rum


The liquid is heated to create a vapor and then condensed back into a liquid again.



We craft both aged and unaged rum. Our aged rum is matured in pure oak barrels.

2 JAS White Logo

2 JAS Distilling

300 Camp Horne Road

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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