Two Jackasses Unaged Silver Rum


To maintain our outstanding flavor profile, we start by making sure out basic ingredients are of excellent quality.


We make sure our water is crisp and clear by testing the quality of each batch.


For the sugar we use the first crystallization of the sugar right after being pressed into Sugar Cane Juice. The sugar goes by names like ”Turbinado Sugar” or ”Sugar in the Raw”. The sugar with a brownish tint from the molasses, which contributes to the rum’s rich flavor.


The yeast, we selected is a strain that originated in the Caribbean region. The yeast produces light banana and spice esters during the fermentation. Esters are flavor and aromatic compounds that contribute to the flavor profile of the rum. After the fermentation we allow each batch to rest which will enhance the flavors, then we continue with the distilling.


The distillation concentrates the flavors and alcohol to produce the rum. We use a hybrid column still for the distillation process. The use of the hybrid column allows us to make a lighter rum that is approachable without aging.


Experience our Two Jackasses Unaged Silver Rum yourself, sipped straight from the rocks or as the star of your favorite cocktail.


Please enjoy responsibly


  • 2023 New York International Spirits Competition Gold Medal
  • 2022 New York International Spirits Competition Silver Medal
  • 2022 New Orleans Spirit Competition Bronze Medal
  • 2022 American Craft Spirits Awards Bronze Medal
  • 2021 American Craft Spirits Awards Bronze Medal



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